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The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) regulates and controls outdoor advertising and signage in Lagos State. All outdoor advertisements are within the scope of the Lagos State Structures for Signage & Advertisement Agency Law, 2006. LASAA focuses mainly on outdoor advertising regulation, signage control and civic beautification.

Lagos remains the nation’s economic nerve centre with over 2 000 industries. With such diversity, it has become a socio-cultural melting pot attracting both Nigerians and foreigners alike. As such, LASAA is constantly promoting ultramodern advertising formats that are allowable within the scope of our regulatory framework.

LASAA holds a unique position to showcase permissible advertising formats that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. As a result, LASAA has set itself a target to encourage unique advertising formats on the streetscapes of Lagos in line with the mega-city vision.

We therefore implore you to express your interest in any of our product offerings as detailed in the succeeding pages by sending in your proposal (with photomontage or creative designs) to the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency’s Head Office at Alausa Ikeja.

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