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Small Formats & Street Furniture Advertisement

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Small Format parades uniquely different products offerings. So whether you are an advertiser or an advertising practitioner, Small Format is it for you, especially, if you have a taste for the unconventional. Small format product offering include;

  • Kiosks, Newspaper stands
  • Product Display
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Roundabouts
  • Bus Shelter
  • Building branding ( Schools, Market, Shops etc)
  • Street Furniture

Why not take advantage of the outdoor advertising formats that are approvable within our regulatory framework even as we collaborate with you to achieve great things.


Place your branded kiosks in strategic locations and see your brand take quantum leaps, both in volume and profit.


You can give your brand what we call a "roundabout effect" as you take advantage of roundabouts in Lagos State to create and sustain awareness, which goes on to touch on your bottom-line positively.


As people picnic, relax and enjoy themselves, Did you know you could get your brands into the subconscious of your customers? Bring your brands to the Parks and Recreational centres scattered around Lagos, and see the great impact it would have on your share of voice in the market.


What stops you from taking your brand right into the residences of your actual and potential customers? Your brand can now establish its presence in residential estates across Lagos State. All Year Round!!!


Let your brand dominate your major markets with beautiful lifesized imagery of your product. Your brand will come alive in the minds of customers whenever they see your product replica. Put your product replica in strategic places and get the winning edge

STANDS (Newspaper)

Let your brand stand up and be recognized! You can achieve this easily by putting out branded stands on the roads. You enjoy a lot of mileage, especially in traffic-prone areas. It’s time for your brand to take a stand for recognition.


These are public facilities that serve the need of the citizenry and visitors of Lagos State in terms of comfort and environmental outlook. They include the following:

  • Bus Shelter
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Speed breaker
  • Litter Bin
  • Public Toilets.

The above listed can be harnessed by organizations to advertise their products and service and more so provide beneficial facilities for public use.


You can brand selected schools, markets, shops, institutions across the State, for example, branding a market or painting a shop in your brand colours, makes the structure fit flawlessly into the environment of the school, while adding aesthetics to the environment.

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