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First Party Sign Applications

First Party signs are signs that inform the public of the existence of a business at the location of display.
Application Process

This is the process during which an assessment of the proposed/existing sign is carried out in relation to the building/premises to determine suitable placement, size and display in line with the specifications of the LASAA law and guideline.

      • Applicant should obtain the applicable application form from the nearest LASAA area office resident in the Local Government or Development Area offices.
      • The completed form should be returned to the point of collection with the following requirements:

1. Photograph (for existing structure) or photomontage (for proposed structure).
This should be taken or done in such a way that the entire building on/in front of which the sign is to be installed is captured thereby showing the existing signage on the building, the road and its setback. This will enable the processing officer make appropriate decision without visiting the site.

2. Payment Teller for the Application processing fee.
This payment depends on the present use of the property as below:

Building Type New Application Additional Sign Change of Sign
Single Business UnitN11,000N5,500N1,000
Multi-tenanted Business/Mixed use/ResidentialN6,000N3,000N1,000
Small FormatN5,000
Street Lamp PolesN10,000 per street

Click the link below to view the approveable structures:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
This payment should be made to;
Bank – FCMB
Account No – 2001714167

3. Consent letter from property’s owner.

      • Client is advised to obtain the required approval before deployment of the sign. This takes a maximum of ten (10) days from the date of submission of application form(s).
      • The applicable rates (Yearly Permit Fee) for different types of signs are available on this website, “Our Rates” for your informed decision on the type of sign you are applying for.

3rd Party Application process

Third Party Sign ( Off premise sign) is any sign identifying or advertising anything which is not produced, procured, sold, delivered, performed or provided from the premises on which the advertisement/sign is displayed.

Types of 3rd Party Structures

      • Unipole Billboard
      • 48 sheet Billboard
      • 96 sheet Billboard
      • 96 sheet Billboard
      • Wall Drape
      • Boundry Wall Drape
      • Rooftop
      • Gantry
      • Bridge Panel
      • Street Furniture
      • Bus shelter
      • Street lamp pole

The third party application process is split into 2 major stages namely the pre-scrutiny process and the formal application process.

The Pre-scrutiny Process

Obtain annexure 1(A) form from LASAA Head Office and submit with the following documents:

      • Photomontage of proposed structure or picture of structure (in relation to the road)
      • Location map
      • G.I.S/Coordinates
      • Owners Consent where applicable
      • Copy of receipt of payment to Landlord where applicable.

This information is required for the processing personnel to take a decision on the application. The application could either be approved, disapproved or subjected to site inspection. If the application is approved, it moves to formal application stage.

The Formal Application Process

Obtain annexure 2 form from LASAA Head Office and submit with the following documents within 21 days:

      • Annexure2 form
      • Site plan -scale 1:200
      • Structural drawing (showing company’s name tag) – scale 1:100
      • Electrical details-scale 1:100
      • Elevation drawings (front and side elevations) – scale 1:100
      • Copy of receipt of payment to Landlord where applicable
      • Environment Impact Assessment (E.I.A) where applicable
      • All drawings must be certified by a COREN Structural Engineer

If the application is successful, the Outdoor Advertising Agency will be issued an approval letter with a bill to be paid within a specified time.

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